The Birth …

A successful B2B ecosystem needs to create community to continuously communicate, exchange, see and be seen whatever the situation. Nothing should prevent this community from progressing and developing business.
For us, the community should be hosted in an outstanding and unique digital venue, and with strong visual identity to stand out from the myriad of websites crowd and to make participants to feel being part of the community at a unique place! As the sense of being with a person at the same place is not possible online like on site B2B events, visuals become essential in digital as people look for user-experience that can help them to make a memorable digital journey and to motivate them to interact with others. This memorable journey should include, visiting booths to discover innovations building new relationships, attending conferences, e-meeting speakers and asking them questions, participating to workshops, playing games and being awarded.

This was the reason why we decided to create MEXT B2B Metaverse &Expo in 3D with multiple and colorful halls opened 24/7, where community can e-visit from anywhere and come back any time, to connect, exhibit, network, develop business, e-meet existing connections and find new ones thanks to Must matchmaking powered by AI. So, a lively digital marketplace with permanent exhibitors, live conferences, trainings, workshops and speed dating sessions; a great digital place for companies and their employees, academics and their students, sellers and buyers, researchers everywhere in the world can collaborate on R&D projects, where startups can find partners in one click, companies can continuously increase their pipeline of leads and investors can have more visibility on their potential next investment!

What is MEXT B2B Metaverse?

MEXT B2B Metaverse is based on a 3D model venue expo with 3D digital Halls, booths, conference center, Press room… etc, offering the below functionalities:

  • Visualize and connect participants: Real time Tools to enable all participants (exhibitors and visitors) to see each other and interact.

  • Networking module and social media features to connect people and virtualize interactions (visitor/exhibitor, visitor/visitor)

  • Advanced Matchmaking module powered by AI

  • Hybrid supervised Machine Learning algorithms to ensure authentic real-time data analytics for the B2B Metaverse interactions, context, and activity.

What is the benefit of a B2B Metaverse ?

Businesses and customers alike seek convenience and a reliable place where they can exchange and transact in a secure way, and that is what MEXT B2B Metaverse can deliver. It adds a lot of value to identify relevant partners (customers, suppliers, investors) and develop business with them in such global and highly fragmented market. In fact, currently there is not a global platform tool to find and connect all these ecosystem players in a global, efficient, and trusted manner.

By creating this venue and tools to exhibit, connect and network, MEXT B2B Metaverse and Expo gives access to and transparency over clients that they would never have had, so it opens quite different markets and bigger opportunity through a disruptive community platform approach. Especially, due to their limited size, Start-ups and SMEs are lacking resources and competencies in some domains, which limits their efficiency as a result. They can tremendously benefit from MEXT B2B Metaverse & Expo.

We make this B2B Metaverse lively by Incorporating regular attractions: Livestream conferences, speed dating sessions, workshops etc will stimulate interactions, increase exchanges and transactions. Create multiple and continuous communication channels among all the players (i.e between exhibitors and visitors) will highly stimulate the ecosystem interactivity and creativity, increase the number of opportunities and transactions while decreasing the cost of those transactions.

How does MEXT B2B Metaverse and Expo work?

We have organized MEXT B2B Metaverse with Expo Halls, Booths, Conference Center, Networking Center where visitors and exhibitors can exchange and have several activities. In addition, we set a full livestream conferences program in 2022 around the 20 most impactful high-tech areas for years to come: Smart Payment, Robotics, Smart ID, Embedded Technologies, Smart Connectivity and 5G, Smart Home, Smart Car, Greentech, Metaverse, Smart Industry/Industry 4.0, Enterprise Software, Smart City, Smart Learning, Smart Transportation and Logistics, Cybersecurity & Secure IoT, Smart Agriculture, Supply chain, Smart Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Smart Medical. Those livestream events have been in 2022 to help our community to monitor innovations and trends. By participating to MEXT B2B Metaverse , you can :

  • In each Hall, visit exhibitors and explore 3D digital booths and communicate with exhibitors

  • Attend or speak at the livestream conferences and enjoy replays and VOD conferences.

  • Take advantage of Networking center to connect, matchmake, network and view & post partnership announcements.

  • Organize and participate to meetings, workshops, one-to-one and groups video calls, public and private chat rooms, polls, gaming, …

Visitors: MEXT B2B Metaverse is open for all visitors and for free.

Join MEXT B2B Metaverse and Expo community, innovate and participate to the brainstorming sessions of this ecosystem to speed up the development of your project. Thanks to series of High-Tech events and networking opportunities, the MEXT B2B Metaverse platform allows you to ensure an enlightened and fruitful outlook over the long term.

Exhibitors: Become an active player of MEXT Metaverse ecosystem thanks to several levels of visibility

Exhibiting at MEXT B2B Metaverse can bring the following benefits to your business:

  • Increase visibility : It provides you with an additional channel to market and sell your products, increase your international exposure, expands your network and business opportunities.

  • New digital experience : Create an appealing digital experience to your customer by sharing your content in an interactive and in 3D booth where you can share live demo and customize it to your VIP customers in few clicks.

  • Leads : Build your pipeline of leads with minimum effort. App to notify you when potential customers enter your booth, and you can contact your leads or download the list anytime through your interface.

  • New normal : A solution to the new normal after COVID crisis or another crisis! You can use your digital booth to participate to any hybrid events.

  • Create marketing content : Create marketing content in few clicks by sharing your booth link and posting captured pictures and videos to social media.

  • Decrease drastically your business development transactions cost by paying a fixed and moderate monthly or annual fee.

Isn’t this what a Social Media such as Linkedin offers ?

There are similarities but MEXT B2B Metaverse is digital Expo, with a permanent exhibition where companies can exhibit their products and innovations 24/7, with communication tools like on social networks! It is dedicated to extract value from the ecosystem, when traditional social networks are more to connect people and help them to achieve their professional objectives (e.g. LinkedIn) or exchange messages via advanced messaging tools (e.g. slack)

Isn’t this what a high-tech in person tradeshow offers?

Almost, but MEXT B2B Metaverse Expo offers an online and permanent Tradeshow where you can connect, communicate, network, visit booths, attend conferences or watch replays every day, 24/7, rather than 3 days on site tradeshow per year. It aims to be the B2B Metaverse to help high-tech community to reinvent their way to interact and operate, by facilitating transactions among ecosystem players and lower drastically the cost of those transactions.