Start: 2021-12-07
10:00 am
End: 2021-12-09
6:00 pm

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2 Route de la Noue, Gif sur Yvette, France

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The calendar of 2021 signals a plenty fresh innovation in biotech & medical technology. Biotech is already boosted by AI, digital transformations & data science initiatives. In parallel, the trends of medi-tech industry in 2021 will feel the lingering effects, both positive and negative, from the global coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing has necessitated much greater use of telemedicine, a concept we’re all now familiar with thanks to UK & Sweden based industries. The cognitive & mental health also joins in the league of medical technology. According to an IFS study, lockdown has negatively impacted mental health in worldwide. Thus next-decade of bio-tech and medi-tech both will be fascinated all the combinations of smart, intelligent & analytically placed solutions for the society.

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