Start: 2023-06-07
10:00 am
End: 2023-06-07
6:00 pm

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2 Route de la Noue, Gif sur Yvette, France

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Metaverse Tech Trends 2023 Livestream Day

The metaverse technology framework is complex and combines several technologies: 5G deployment will be key to enable better connectivity especially for 3D, computing in metaverse will require high bandwidth for reliable connectivity and better customer experiences. Cloud for operating, storing and 3D Real-time high-performance computing. Mixed/Augmented/Extended Reality for merging the physical and digital worlds using headsets and devices. With extended reality, we can step into virtual world and interact with products and avatars as well as bringing content to the physical world to create new interactive experiences. AI/ML to learn, predict and act. NFT, cryptocurrency, Blockchain to transact and pay. Security by design to create a safe Metaverse environment. The APPs are limitless and APPs developers will embrace an exciting new wave of new applications from Augmented/Mixed reality APPs. In this livestream day, we will develop around latest trends.

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