Start: 2021-03-23
8:00 am
End: 2021-03-25
8:00 pm

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2 Route de la Noue, Gif sur Yvette, France

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We could have called it Beyond 5G but Smart connectivity appears to be a much better title for the next event Must is organizing 23-25 of April 2021. Connectivity in the present and near future will drive innovation beyond the existing smartphones consumer experience. The multiplication of uses cases from very low power to drones or factories connected to AI and machine learnings will change forever the way the industry will build, manufacture, distribute and manage things and projects.

Beyond the products and services, Smart Connectivity is without any doubt a great opportunity to develop more intelligent, efficient and greener solutions by optimizing processes.

Experts from the broad ecosystem from 5G to LPWA, from industrial products to real deployment solutions will come and share their experience with the audience. A unique chance to learn and exchange with them.

For this event, digital experts will come and share their experiences with the audience.

The first digital meeting will be split into 3 days.

  • On the first day, topics such as market trends and technology benefit beyond connectivity will be discussed. Network providers like Vodafone and Omdia will be invited to present the benefits of 5G.
  • The second day will be focused on how LPWA complements traditional cellular networks or in doors customer management with Lora Alliance.
  • On the last day, companies like Airbus, Gsma, Tele2 and their clients are attended to share Smart connectivity with uses-cases around smart drones, smart manufacturing, smart health and agriculture.

Some thoughts of our event’s coaches:

Barbara Perigliò

Barbara Pareglio • GSMA • IoT Technical Director & Connectivity for Aviation Director What is the biggest achievement related to your activity over the past few years? Working every day in a mobile industry, looking at IoT applications, from smart metering, asset tracking, cars and drone; it is difficult to think of one single innovation. I personally believe that the affordability of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has reinforced the crucial role of mobile networks for delivering data and also a veriety of services to support the different industries’ needs, like Multi-Access Edge Computing, 5G Network Slicing. What are the future challenges and goals? Consumers are still the core customers for the mobile operators; however, in the future mobile networks would need to become more flexible and more cost effective to support the increase demand from the different industries. The goal is to have autonomous networks for supporting a wide variety of use cases.

Olivier Beaujard

Olivier Beaujard • LoRa Alliance • Senior Director LoRa Ecosystem at Semtech Board member of the LoRa Alliance What is the biggest achievement related to your activity over the past few years?

  • We have the strongest, broadest and most in-depth global LPWAN ecosystem because of LoRaWAN’s real-world development for over 5 years, demonstrating that the technology is fit for purpose for enabling IoT now and tomorrow. This places us in the best position for enabling massive scale of IoT.
  • A total of 148 LoRaWAN networks in 162 countries have been deployed.
  • More than 300 LoRaWAN certified devices in our showcase.
  • Thanks to the strong development of the open, global LoRaWAN standard, including features to enavble easy of use, strong security, imporved network density for enabling cost-efective scale, and roaming, we have achieved the position of being the only LPWAN ready for massive scale in 2021.
  • All this has been possible thanks to the strong involvemnt of our Members to make LoRaWAN the de-facto standard of choice for the Low Power IoT markets.
What are the future challenges and goals?
  • One of the coming challanges is to accelerate the interconnectivity between all the networks of our Ecosystem to provide global connectivity.
  • One of our key goal is to keep our ecosystem growing with more and more key users in our targeted markets.
  • we also aim to become more and more visible in the Tier1 media and Industry Analysis covering our markets.

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