Start: 2021-06-16
10:00 am
End: 2021-06-18
10:00 am

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The EU’s aggressive emission standards are spurring new electric vehicle (EV) growth. With so many manufacturers and new EVs on the road, a variety of complex issues in the public charging ecosystem need to be addressed to drive higher adoption including pricing and billing, cybersecurity, and battery range anxiety. Join tech industry leaders Thales and Vedecom to learn how secure technology is driving Plug & Charge for a seamless global EV Charging Ecosystem and better user experience. 

EVs charging: How to simplify the user-experience with the Plug & Charge ISO 15118 standard?

  • Europe has seen impressive sales of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) with an increase of 44% in 2019. The European Union’s emissions standards require all passenger cars reach 95 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer in 2021 with plans for 30 million EVs on the roads by 2030.
  • Increased volume often brings complexity: confusing EV charging pricing and billing, complicated public charging, plus anxiety about battery life and range capacity/availability of charging stations for EVs top the list.
  • Tech solutions must smooth out the EV ecosystem and alleviate driver and industry concerns to drive higher adoption and meet emission deadlines.
  • Plug & Charge automates charging payments for all EV manufacturers using the ISO 15118 standard with secure encryption, decryption and two-way authentication.

The implementation of the user-friendly Plug & Charge and international ISO 15118 standard will enable drivers, OEMs, and charging points to interact smoothly for a seamless charging experience. EVs will be automatically identified at a charging station and drivers enabled to plug in their charging cable to any station with secure, automatic billing without the need for an app, RFID card or physical charging card on site.

Seamless Plug & Charge requires safe, secure technology to make a reality.

To move to a seamless Plug & Charge experience, Thales and Vedecom will discuss current challenges and explore how to implement a solid cybersecurity architecture to solve identified issues.


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