Mext Partnerships with MulhimVR

Mext Partnerships with MulhimVR

Mext has now announced their partnership with MulhimVR, an Oman based VR company, for new markets outreach and VR cooperation.

Mext, a growing all-in-one B2B Metaverse company and MulhimVR, an Oman based VR company announced on November 10, 2022 that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership. This agreement will help Mext to extend its market to the Middle East and thereby aiming to become a global B2B metaverse platform and build an extensive international community while supporting MulhimVR to provide a space to create their own Metaverse ecosystem.

The agreement brings together Metaverse and Intelligent Customer Experience together that will allow the customers and businesses to take full advantage of this shared virtual environment in industries spanning from medical, high-tech and education to fashion, retail and agriculture. This will also help in providing new possibilities and opportunities in marketing, sales, networking, job prospects, enhancing creativity and imagination and much more.

“Through our partnership with MulhimVR we believe we are offering unique solution and value as well as expertise into the development of metaverse solutions and related use cases. The traction seen with earlier customers is promising and will help us to make a huge impact”  Mext CEO Hanene Maupas says.

Mext is a France based all-in-one B2B Metaverse platform helping companies to build their metaverse to manage their ecosystem by providing an intelligent and immersive customer experience along with the possibility to exhibit and showcase their products, connect, matchmake, network, organize events and educate.

“Our partnership with Mext is an important step for us to work forward improving metaverse services and provide them for our clients in Oman, GCC and MENA. We are happy for this collaboration which brings visions, skills and expertise from two different regions in the world to collaborate for making a huge impact in people’s lives” MulhimVR CEO Amira AlBusaidi says.

MulhimVR is an Oman based VR company that is working within the Small and Medium Enterprise Authority and it has been established by Amira Albusaidi (14+ years of experience in VR and IT) and  the Omani government investment program (Oman Technology Fund OTF).

MulhimVR is the first metaverse company in Oman and it works on providing XR solutions for different sectors. One of its main projects is working with huge hospitals on providing VR for healthcare use. MulhimVR is working with education, tourism, healthcare and other fields  in both government and private sectors to improve services by developing innovative solutions.