PRESS RELEASE: Must B2B Metaverse announces Metaverse Day event to explore the B2B Metaverse Trends and Innovations in 2022.

PRESS RELEASE: Must B2B Metaverse announces Metaverse Day event to explore the B2B Metaverse Trends and Innovations in 2022.

Must B2B Metaverse community organizes Metaverse Day event to bring together professionals, designers, engineers, innovators, influencers, addicts, manufacturers from across the B2B Metaverse ecosystem to explore technology trends and innovations in 2022 for Metaverse.

The Metaverse livestream day will be hosted by Must B2B Metaverse platform, which developed the first collective, permanent, and shared digital space in the world where companies can connect, socialize, exhibit, showcase products, matchmake, network and transact. It is open 24/7 and free for visitors. Already more than 150 companies have their booths in Must B2B metaverse and more than 10000 members have registered.

Welcome to the world of Metaverse, alternate digital reality where people work, play, buy and socialize. It is the concept of a future iteration of the internet. This new convergence of our digital and physical realities will run on 5G, intelligence and interactivity will be powered by AI/ML and transactions will be secured by blockchain. It is not only about 3D gaming, but also the next step for social media networks (Facebook announcement), the future of digital marketplaces by bringing new forms of customer engagement to sell more products and services as well as new financial transactions as NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

In this conference, we will focus on getting the latest innovation and trends in the metaverse development to help our high-tech community, to face its major new challenges for companies, build their roadmap and find their next partners. We will deep dive, from METAVERSE DISCOVERY to METARVERSE APPLICATIONS AND USE CASES.
Among the speakers, you will meet technology leaders of the Metaverse industry as well as most recognized startups with disruptive technologies.
To learn about the event speakers and attendees, please visit our LinkedIn event page by clicking on this link
To visit our B2B Metaverse and digital venue by clicking on this link.
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This booth will help you to:

  • Discover a new B2B metaverse experience and showcase your products
  • Stay connected to your global ecosystem, companies and industry professionals
  • Get a chance to speak and participate in several events during the year
  • Create content and be more visible in an international community
  • Build new leads everyday

To visit the booth of one of our exhibitors: Nect by clicking on this link

Hanene Maupas, CEO of Must, explains this event’s intention :
“This event is a great opportunity for attendees and related ecosystem to enjoy B2B networking in an immersive way. Indeed, the B2B Metaverse experience will be spectacular with the appearance of avatars, digital venue and booths …We are proud today to organize this Metaverse livestream event to support companies desiring either to present their metaverse innovations or to learn how to go with metaverse” .

Everyone can also ask questions during the sessions on the session chat or Twitter using the hashtag #askmusthightechexpo.
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Limited seating in the discussion panel will be available for media who would like to join our online conference stage and participate in the Virtual Press

Room content and interviews.
Media are invited to send an email to must-marketing
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