PRESS RELEASE: Must B2B Metaverse announces Smart Learning Day event to explore the Smart Learning Trends and Innovations in 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Must B2B Metaverse announces Smart Learning Day event to explore the Smart Learning Trends and Innovations in 2022

Must B2B Metaverse community organizes Smart Learning Day livestream event to bring together professionals, designers, engineers, innovators, influencers, addicts, manufacturers from across the smart City ecosystem to explore technology trends and innovations in 2022 for Smart Learning.

The increasing need for an interactive and engaging learning environment is driven by the adoption of new technologies such as smartphone, social media that shaping new modern and more connected society. The growing demand for the LMS (Learning Management Software) to effectively manage learning content and enhance learning experience, the rise of e-learning acceptance boosted by Coronavirus crisis and by enterprises more and more investing on digital tools expected to be the major factors driving the growth of the Smart Learning Market. The adoption of advanced technologies AR , XR, AI/ML for learning will impact fundamentally how the learning content will be formatted , designed and delivered to shape Learning 4.0 with intelligent and personalize machine driven learning.

In this conference, we will focus on getting the latest innovation and trends in the Smart Learning development to help our high-tech community, to face its major new challenges for companies, build their roadmap and find their next partners. We will deep dive, from Tech for learning to Innovative and new approaches towards Learning.

Among the speakers, you will meet technology leaders of the Smart City industry as well as most recognized startups with disruptive technologies.

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This booth will help you to:

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Hanene Maupas, CEO of Must, explains this event’s intention :
“ We are proud to organize our thirteenth high-tech livestream part of a 20 livestream program planned in 2022, with the best experts in the field of Smart learning. The subject of smart learning has been raised by our community, and it is with pleasure that we respond to this request.. “

Everyone can also ask questions during the sessions on the session chat or Twitter using the hashtag #askmusthightechexpo.
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