The future of business development •

The future of business development •

A business Network is meant to facilitate companies visualize the future and take actions.

AI ( Artificial Intelligence) in business world becomes pragmatic and moreover creating massive impact  towards the world on uncertainity, where every tomorrow could be better or worst tomorrow for the business. While peeping theough the genesis of AI, I still remember the moment when my friend Dr. Soumya Banerjee ( An evangelist of AI) explained me the difference between human brain and artificial neural network, from where the intelligence invoked. The human brain, its continuous learning, changes actions reveals me plenty of analogies with the brain & B2B ecosystem is a network. I was excited and thrilled and asked my friend how this collaboration could be possible and immediately we both together was convinced that by assuming a B2B ecosystem network as an ANN (Artificial Neural Network), events and entities as neurons, we can build a model for deep learning to learn, improve and predict. About or better tomorrow!

Aspect Human Brain B2B Network as ANN
size 86 Bilion neuron in them Millions neurons (organisaitions and events) in them
Learning they can tolerate ambiguity Very precise and structured data is required to practice ambiguity 
Topology Complex topology with no fixed pattern topology has tree patterns with layers
Connectivity Asynchronous connections through synapse (chemical or electrical) Connections and transactions

The above table gives a snap of abstract in terms of the analogy of the brain and the B2B network.

This was the road-map, how we started our common adventure combining my high-tech ecosystem knowledge to his AI creativity by building DIDL (Distributed Intelligence based Deep Learning), an algorithm to allow companies to mobilize their interactions through AI tools. The phenomenal learning  grasped by the B2B brain from the data -centric environment through the hybrid combination of machine intelligence algorithms to follow everything from their interactions & the ecosystem. Thus, after learning, it can approximately predict the immediate scope of futuristic business prospects.

 However, the story never ends….

The ecosystem networks act as one brain for computing, analyzing & predicting, especially when the value chain is no more a simple with clear added value in a linear chain like Porters’ one ; but myriad of heterogenous actors with fuzzy (e.g. uncertain & dynamic) positioning are also the other parts of the ecosystem, part of complex deals and dynamically changing fast business scenarios to adopt with the new values.

It becomes a real challenge for companies and mainly start-ups & SMEs to track changes at the worldwide level in it’s a complex and fast changing ecosystem to find new partners, suppliers and customers to be able extract value and make profitable deals. Creating a global B2B & AI powered platform is a new way for companies to develop their business network, to leverage and tweak it to make it scalable. Thus, helping to create a dynamic pipeline of partnerships to structure business development processes, specifically the process of sales canvassing and new business models in more and more digitalized industry.

A business Network is meant to make companies visualize the future and take actions.

 We still recall Albert Einstein, when he said : “The mesaure of intelligence is the ability to change”…. the B2B is progessing towards those changes in coming years. 

I hope everyone a happy networking life!