The New Digital Customer Experience to Increase Revenue

The New Digital Customer Experience to Increase Revenue

”It’s neither the fittest, nor the intelligent that survives. It is the most adaptable to change that survives.”
This popular statement by Charles Darwin comes into reality in the present world. The rapid growth for compliance with the rules on reliability, safety, and health in business is driving digitally. The emergence of the new working culture due to COVID-19 has brought a great impact as well.

Organizations need to transform to digital if they want to survive, to match this pace of change and to keep growing.

When it comes to customer experience and digital adoption, B2B is still lagging compared to B2C due to the lack of affordable and innovative solutions to manage better B2B customer digital experience. Currently, to do well B2B digital customer experience, a company, needs to master several technologies (big data, several types of machine-learning algorithms, design and deploy interactive tools etc.) or seek for tailored costly external solution. For B2B, companies need platforms with turnkey customer experience solutions which foster creative engagement, intelligent matchmaking and analytics that span their business. In short, digitalization not only links technologies to humans – first and foremost, it connects people.

Must developed a Digital Business Ecosystem (DBE) platform with booths and showrooms for a new digital customer experience, combining modern design, interactivity, analytics tools and built with the most advanced technologies: 3D, VR, AI/ML for matchmaking and analytics etc. that can drive quick value, create immediate return, build momentum, gain support immediately, with decreasing cost-to-serve and without any upfront investment.


How MUST is different

MUST provides both its customers and visitors with an astonishing combination of the below features:

  • Intelligence: The combination of different advanced technologies that Must embeds in its DBE platform addresses a critical gap in today’s digital B2B journeys
  • Infrastructure: to shorten Time-to-market and cost-effective solution to create your ecosystem.
  • Interactivity: Empowers stronger relationships between the participants and deliver modern, easy-to-use digital experiences as with social media tools

This helps in:

  • Increasing visibility for businesses
  • Assisting businesses in finding their right partners and developing activities
  • Increasing leads
  • Giving visitors the best view and a great opportunity to identify the brands of their choice
  • Knowledge sharing through conferences and events
  • Providing a solution to the New Normal

The most Interactive & “Always-connected” Digital Booth and Showroom

Create a new and appealing digital experience to your customers, by sharing your content in an interactive and always-connected 3D digital booth and showroom, where you can share live demo and customize it to your VIP customers in few clicks. It is an unmatched and modern digital customer experience to meet current customers’ expectation to see relevant content in relation to what they’re doing anytime, anywhere, in different format and on the device of their choice. It easy to use and administrate, deployed in a way that works for you, at your peace with your budget.

They say, humans can build bonds, strengthen relationships and build trust through modern social communication tools and here we are with a number of such features on our MUST platform to reinforce this argument.

  • Always connected booth • your booth is always connected and visitors can enter to visit you anytime and from anywhere. It provides an additional channel to market and sell your products.
  • Mutual visibility with customers • you can see the visitor when he or she enters the booth and he can see if you are connected to your booth or not as well
  • Get in touch with customers • visitors can reach you, and you can reach visitors through chat and/or high-quality voice and video.
  • Demo to customers • you can do it either through guided tour where you can share your booth and content, or live streaming session where you share what is in real time happening in your lab, manufacturing site or in-site booth.
  • Brainstorming with customers • amazing meeting rooms to brainstorm with customers to create new ideas and make collaboration with them fun and efficient
  • Immersive experience • provides you with a stunning VR view of the booths and halls in a more engaging and collaborative way

  • New normal • a solution to the current “New Normal” after COVID or the upcoming new normal ! You can use your digital booth to participate to any digital or hybrid events without travelling or developing specific solution to continue its promotion and business development activity.

With community intelligence, MUST helps to develop your business and increase visibility by giving an international exposure, to expand your network and customer base and to collect important insights from a global perspective using the below options

  • Matchmaking • Intelligent visitor sorting and matchmaking feature depending on your requirements
  • Networking • Instant chat and audio/video calls possible with previous visitors as well as real time visitors. You can also arrange meetings with them via our platform
  • Call for partnerships • Post on the ‘Call for Partnerships Wall’ to get noticed and get collaborations to ignite your business
  • Conferences • Host conferences in the Conference Room and increase visibility
  • Be a speaker at our events • Be a speaker at our events, showcase your innovations and share your opinions about technology by also getting an amazing chance to discuss it with other speakers

Must helps you to give your leads and customers the best impression by creating a great marketing space that you can share and post on social media, where you can easily:

  • Share your booth link
  • Post them or share it with anyone you want
  • Create a specific or VIP version of your booth
  • Take pictures
  • Make videos
  • Organize conferences or meetings


Nevertheless, with all the above said features, MUST has made it totally easy for our dear visitors and customers to use and administrate.

  • The exhibitor interface – This perfectly convenient space has been designed in such a way that anyone from your team can use it anytime anywhere.
  • Network leads – This advanced tool helps you in customer acquisition and builds your pipeline of leads with minimum effort. It notifies you whenever a potential customer enters your booth, and you can contact your lead or download your list of leads anytime through your interface.
  • Exhibition Statistics – This options helps to retrieve a detailed visitor information based on their geographical area, organization type, time they spent on your booth and much more.

Unlike many other digital customer journeys that are still disconnected and full of frictions, due to poor interactivity or boring content format like PowerPoint presentations or a common webpage, Must solutions overcome these obstacles by simply modernizing the way a business interacts with its customers and partners, and how sales people provide their customers with a consistent experience whenever and wherever they need it. Must delivers an interactive and “Always connected” digital booth and showroom that ensures your customers enjoy an interactive content and gamification features foster a better engagement and loyal customer’s relationship.

Don’t wait anymore to buy a booth!

It is super easy to buy a digital booth on the Must platform as we have made it completely simple and effortless for our clients. Join our community and promote your brand now!.

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