What is the benefit of a digital marketplace? •

What is the benefit of a digital marketplace? •

Businesses and customers alike seek convenience and a reliable place where they can exchange and transact in a secure way, and that is what Must High-Tech marketplace can deliver. It adds a lot of value to identify relevant partners (customers, suppliers, investors) and develop business with them in such global and highly fragmented market. In fact, currently there is not a global platform tool to find and connect all these ecosystem players in a global, efficient, and trusted manner. By creating this venue and tools to exhibit, connect and network, Must Digital High-Tech marketplace gives access to and transparency over clients that they would never have had, so it opens quite different markets and bigger opportunity through a disruptive community platform approach. Especially, due to their limited size, Start-ups and SMEs are lacking resources and competencies in some domains, which limits their efficiency as a result. They can tremendously benefit from Must High-Tech marketplace.

We make this marketplace lively by Incorporating regular attractions: Live conferences, speed dating sessions, workshops… will stimulate interactions, increase exchanges and transactions. Create multiple and continuous communication channels among all the players, (between exhibitors and visitors) will highly stimulate the ecosystem interactivity and creativity, increase the number of opportunities and transactions while decreasing the cost of those transactions.

Isn’t this what a social media such as LinkedIn offers?

There are similarities but Must High-tech Expo is digital marketplace, with a permanent exhibition where companies can exhibit their products and innovations 24/7, with communication tools like on social networks! It is dedicated to support the high-tech ecosystem when traditional social networks are more to connect people, and help them to achieve their professional objectives (LinkedIn) or exchange messages via advanced messaging tools (slack).

Isn’t this what a high-tech in person tradeshow offers?

Almost, but Must Digital High-Tech marketplace offers an online and permanent Tradeshow where you can connect, communicate, network, visit booths, attend conferences or watch replays every day, 24/7, rather than 3 days on site tradeshow per year. It aims to be the marketplace to help high-tech community to reinvent their way to interact and operate, by facilitating transactions among ecosystem players and lower drastically the cost of those transactions.

Why organizing my events on this Market Place?

The Must High-Tech platform gives you the opportunity:

  • to speak all over the world,
  • to share your documents,
  • to record your event immediately,
  • to benefit from interactive tools (chat, questionnaire, etc.),
  • to collect KPI about your audience at the end of your event

The Must High-Tech platform is also:

  • an international eco-system of experts,
  • tools for emailing campaigns with the Must community
  • the opportunity of a communication campaign on the Must LinkedIn
  • a technical and operational hotline during the preparation and the day

By Hanene Maupas Must CEO and Anne Presson the President of Evénement d’Elles