Will the Business Speed Dating be empowered by AI/ML ? •

Will the Business Speed Dating be empowered by AI/ML ? •

The Meeting of Future Business ( Episode 1)

February, Day 14 Valentine’s Day, many of us met their peers, friends near & dear ones , while following a schedule designed as agreed between all our peers. However, we seldom asked ourselves if we were able to meet the most relevant person/groups on that very day of February? Imagine, if there are several groups nearly relevant to the target choice/intentions/opinions, then deciding the priority to meet the most relevant one could be a challenge.


The business speed networking is a necessity for new start-ups and even mature companies to identify the right peers in their neighborhood despite their younger identities in the industrial market. To reach to the right industry, Business speed dating will help you quickly reach number of prospects and to look over on their prospect possibilities.

At the outset of the business speed dating, the challenge becomes more sustainable and requires more meticulous planning. However, we must recall once Benjamin Franklin said:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

By the same token, you will be able to get in front of many business-people who you won’t have to door-knock to meet their companies.
The initial start-up of business speed dating was coined from the computational model of graph theory. Interested readers can refer to the vibrant experiments of Columbia University, USA on normal speed dating

This involved the connected world of people as nodes and their choices/opinions/intentions to connect as edges. Hence, it becomes obvious that the problems become multi-objective optimization problems, if we are to create best possible pairs of people, who at the same time share the most common business interest. Thus, the distinguished feature of business speed dating with conventional scheduling/meeting is bi-focal: firstly, to satisfy the multi-objective flavor nature of business speed dating (not available in normal scheduling) and, secondly, to be learned more dynamically from the business ecosystem.

Therefore, emerging business speed dating with AI/ML might be a more anticipated version that MUST-VE will be delivering soon.

It is a practice to obtain a perfect match, if each node has a degree of exactly one. This becomes exceptional in the context stated above, where business peers might have multiple options to reach to the best matched meeting schedule.

Here, MUST introduces intelligence… Stay tuned for the next episode…

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